Hands on a Hard Coin

Be the last one to touch the coin before time runs out and win big ETH! Learn how to play.

Currently there is no active game.

The Game is Live!

The Game is Waiting For Players!

The Game will start in blocks (approx ) .

ETH to join, blocks per round.

The Pot is Currently 0.0 ETH!

Round # ends in blocks

optimistic coin
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Currently there is no active game. If there was an active game you would see information about your status in the game here.

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The game starts in blocks (approx: ).

The game is waiting for the first player to touch the coin. No more players can join.

You are safe until the end of round # which is another blocks from now (approx: ).

You have touched this round. You are safe this round.

You must touch this round to stay in the game!

You are out of this game.

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block: game: # tx:

A New Game Is Ready. Waiting for players. Join Now!

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has joined!

block: game: # tx:

The game has now started. No new players can join.

block: game: # round: # tx:

has touched and is safe for another round! .
Toucher for round .

block: game: # round: # tx:

Touch Error: is NOT safe!
Reason: .

block: game: # tx:

New Round #
Number of players in the LAST round: .
Round ends block number: .

block: game: # tx:

has won ETH! Congratulations!!!

block: game: # tx:

The game has been marked abandoned :(. . The pot will carry over until the next game. This event was trigger by , because there has been no valid touches in multiple rounds.


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Game Overview

Game State:
Pot: ETH
Game Index: #
Round: #
Start block:
First touch block:
Blocks per round:
Next touch block:
Number of Players:
Alive Players
Alive Players last epoch:
Cost to Play: ETH